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Mapping & GIS

Practical Ecology utilises GIS as a fast, efficient method to analyse and display data in ways that are easily understood. We can present data on a map or provide data to clients, such as local government, for integration into their own GIS systems. GIS data collection using hand-held devices usually forms at least some part of most projects undertaken by Practical Ecology. Our skilled use of GIS gives our clients the information they need in a clear, easily understood form.

Provided below is an overview services we offer in relation to mapping and GIS.

Data Collection
Data collection in the field as part of our projects is often undertaken with the assistance of hand-held devices such as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) units, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile phones and tablets.

To facilitate the use of these devices, improve accuracy and reduce processing time post-fieldwork, our GIS team create project specific forms to guide electronic data collection. This approach is most effective where data needs to be collected over an extended period of time for a relatively large number of sites.

We often use electronic data capture for vegetation condition assessment, fuel load assessment, weed mapping, documentation of significant species and data regarding roadside conversation areas.

We also assist organisations implement their own electronic data collection by creating tailored products for their specialist field.

Mapping and GIS Data Provision
Our clients require high quality maps to display detailed and complex information. Information pertaining to geology, planning zones, watercourses, significant flora and fauna, weeds, habitat connectivity, scattered trees, revegetation works, vegetation types and quality, as well as bushfire risk, can be clearly displayed on our maps by combining data collected in the field, supplied by the client and from existing databases. While this information can be displayed in traditional tables and text, GIS techniques allow the quick, easy production of maps presenting the data in a form that makes analysis easier.

GIS Consultation and Training
With significant experience in GIS, our GIS team provides a broad-range of consultancy services.

We can work closely alongside clients to provide tailored products that meet their specialist needs. This may include GIS data production from non-GIS source data or interrogation, analysis and presentation of GIS data.

We also provide the production of electronic data collection programs/application for use on hand-held devices such as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) units, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), phones and tablets. We also provide training guides, site-based workshops to demonstrate their use in the field and ongoing product assistance.