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About Us
About Us


Practical Ecology has been operating as a business since 1993, initially operating as a sole proprietor called ‘Practical Ecology Services’, and from 1998 as an incorporated company. The founder, Mr Lincoln Kern, is currently Managing Director and continues to work on key projects.

Practical Ecology began primarily as a company providing indigenous vegetation management. However, over time we found that a practical perspective was required in consulting projects regarding flora and fauna survey, bushfire risk assessment, land management, park and reserve management, planning processes and development and the business has expanded steadily over time in response to the demand for our unique range of services in ecological and bushfire consultancy.


Practical Ecology Capability Statement

Download our Capability Statement from the following link: Practical Ecology Capability Statement


Ecological Footprint

Practical Ecology strives to be a sustainable company with a low ecological footprint.


Waste Management

Practical Ecology has been certified as Waste Wise to the Silver level by the Metropolitan Waste Management Group. We recycle over 80% of all waste and purchase recycled products as a high priority within the general context of an environmentally conscious purchasing policy.

Here are the results from our 2011 Waste Wise audit:


Cycling to work

Practical Ecology recognises cycling as an enjoyable, healthy and low impact transport option and we actively encourage our staff (and clients) to cycle to work. Our custom designed bike shed at our Preston office takes into account lighting requirements, security, ergonomics, efficient use of space and, of course, aesthetics. This impressive structure has the capacity to hold up to 12 bikes, keeping them secure and protected from the elements. By providing appropriate bicycle parking for our staff we are aiming to further strengthen a strong cycling culture in the work place.

Vehicle Fleet

Practical Ecology provides vehicles for staff to do field work so that they can avoid owning cars or 4WDs if they so desire. We have a diverse fleet for different purposes with larger vehicles on gas to reduce pollution and the most fuel efficient smaller cars possible.

Car refueling

Green Power

Our office buildings inevitably need to use some electricity to provide us with lighting, heating, cooling and to run our computers and other equipment. We aim to reduce our power use as much as possible by switching off computers when not in use and making sure our buildings are well insulated. We also purchase renewable (wind generated) electricity from Red Energy.