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Staff Profiles


Lincoln Kern
Managing Director (Ecologist)

2014     Training for implementing controlled burns with Timber Training Creswick Ltd.
2013     Development and Building in Bushfire Prone Areas Short Course, University of Technology, Sydney
2012     Forest Stewardship Council Certification Auditing for Forest Management and Chain of Custody
2005     Wildfire Management Overlay Implementation Course organised by the CFA
1998      Graduate Diploma of Environmental Management, Deakin University
1990      Bush Regeneration Techniques Course organised by the National Trust
1986      Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Science and Botany), Antioch University, Ohio, U.S.A.

Experience and skills
Lincoln is the founder of Practical Ecology and has been providing expertise in flora and fauna survey, environmental planning, bushland restoration, bushfire risk analysis and planning law, environmental and noxious weed control, revegetation and general land management services with the business since 1993. Lincoln gained a BachelorOhio USA (completed in 1986 with field studies in Pacific Northwest USA, Southwest USA, India and Central America) and a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management from Deakin University in 1998. Since starting work in the Victorian ecological restoration and environmental industry in 1990 Lincoln has developed Practical Ecology as one of the leading environmental consultancies in Victoria.


Michelle Savona
Senior Consultant (Botanist)


2003     Diploma in Natural Resource Management, NMIT, Epping
2000     Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), La Trobe University, Bundoora

Experience and skills

Michelle has been an ecological consultant with Practical Ecology since 2005, prior to which she gained valuable experience in on-ground bushland regeneration. She specialises in flora and bushfire ecology and has 12 years’ experience in ecological restoration and consulting.  During her time at Practical Ecology, Michelle has undertaken a variety of projects incorporating flora survey, vegetation assessments, fauna habitat assessments and bushfire risk analysis, for both government bodies and private landowners.


Alice Ewing
Consultant (Zoologist)

2002     Bachelor of Science, Zoology Honours Degree (1st Class), University of Melbourne

Experience and skills
Prior to commencing work at Practical Ecology in 2010 as a Zoologist, she undertook five years of field and data research, investigating survival rates in a range of migratory shorebirds near Broome, as well as volunteering in a wide range of fauna surveys. Alice has skills in both botany and zoology and has developed extensive knowledge in fauna identification and survey techniques and habitat mapping. Alice’s work at Practical Ecology has included flora and fauna surveys and salvage as well as more general ecological surveys and management plans covering flora, fauna and bushfire risk analysis. She also has a strong interest in the use of dogs for conservation work, and as a dog handler with her dog, is a fully-qualified conservation detection dog team with the Otways Conservation Dogs programme.


Liza James
Consultant (Botanist/GIS Officer)

2010     Bsc (Hons) Botany, Latrobe University 2009 Bachelor of Science – Conservation Biology and Ecology, Latrobe University
2004     Diploma of Environmental and Applied Science RMIT

Experience and skills
Prior to commencing work at Practical Ecology in 2015 as an Ecological Consultant, Botanist and GIS officer Liza has worked with leading ecological consulting teams throughout Melbourne. She has extensive experience in managing a broad range of projects including flora, fauna and threatened species assessments, vegetation condition assessments, habitat hectare and no net loss assessments, offset management plans, salvage and translocation plans, construction environmental management plans, ecological monitoring programs, vegetation and weed Management plans, ecological impact assessment, EPBC Act and EES referrals. Liza has provided consulting services to a diverse range of organisations and industries across Victoria including property developers, wind and solar energy industries, road, power and gas pipeline project managers and natural resource and protected area management agencies and local councils. Liza also has experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and bushfire hazard assessments.


Karen McGregor
GIS Consultant

2012     Bachelor of Environments (Geomatics), University of Melbourne
2013     Master of Science (Botany), University of Melbourne

Experience and skills
Karen joined Practical Ecology in January 2014 and has a degree in Geomatics and a Master of Science (Botany), making mapping plants one of her favourite endeavours. Karen has spent time volunteering at Bush Heritage Australia, both performing vegetation surveys and GIS mapping for their properties database. Further volunteering and working at indigenous nurseries around Melbourne and as a Botany demonstrator at the University of Melbourne has expanded her knowledge and interest in Australia’s flora. Karen enjoys spatial analysis (particularly when it is combined with plants), with her Masters thesis exploring the uncertainties with different Global Climate Models in predicting the distribution of a grasstree in south-eastern Australia. Karen also enjoys sewing and patchwork quilting (often with a botanical element) and baking (native Australian sugar flowers included).


Julian Drummond
Bushfire/Ecological Consultant

2011     Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne 2012 Masters of Science (Zoology), University of Melbourne
2017     Graduate Certificate of Bushfire Planning and Management, University of Melbourne

Experience and skills
Julian joined Practical Ecology in 2016 and has a Master’s of Science from the University of Melbourne; specialising in zoology and ecology. He has volunteered with Bush Heritage Australia, Parks Victoria and the University of Melbourne prior to and since graduating. Since joining the team he has gained skills and experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), planned burning, bushfire hazard assessment and has completed courses in bushfire management and botany. He has also performed extensive fieldwork for ecological assessments, bushfire assessments, planned burns and weed management/removal.


Daniel Miller
Consultant (Botanical Ecology)


2018   Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) with Honours, La Trobe University

Experience and skills

Dan joined the team at Practical Ecology in 2020 as an Ecological Consultant focusing on Botany. Before this, Dan worked as an Ecological Consultant also focusing mainly on botanical projects including Habitat Hectares assessments, general flora surveys, and policy and legislative assessments. Dan has additional experience in fauna salvage on large infrastructure projects having safely translocated many possums and birds. Dan also has seven years of experience working in bush regeneration, and over a year running field, tutorial, and laboratory sessions for university students. Dan completed an Honours project detailing the roles of Little Penguins as ecosystem engineers on Phillip Island, by quantifying the mechanisms through which they create entirely new vegetation types in their colonies.


Emma Loboda
Ecological Consultant


2005     Bachelor of Applied Science (majoring in Coastal Management), Southern Cross University

Experience and skills

Prior to commencing work at Practical Ecology in 2018 as an Ecologist/Technical Assistant, Emma worked for 5 years in the United Kingdom working for The Crown Estate as a Spatial Data Specialist. Her roles were mostly GIS and cartographic data capture. Prior to living and working in the UK Emma’s work experience in Australia included GIS and Project Support roles including extensive report writing experience, as well as assisting with preparation of tenders and flora surveys. Since starting at Practical Ecology Emma has gained skills and experience in ecological consultancy and associated field work, and has furthered her Geographic Information Systems (GIS) skills. 


David Eccleston
Contracting Coordinator


2005     Bachelor of Science, Environmental Management, Edith Cowan University, Perth. Diploma of Management – ETAS Group RTO

Experience and skills

Prior to commencing work at Practical Ecology in 2019 as the Contracting Coordinator, Dave’s career in ecological restoration progressed from a Field Technician role, undertaking weed control and revegetation works in bushland and wetland environments, to Operations Manager, leading a team of 45 on-ground staff undertaking ecological restoration and environmental construction works throughout Western Australia, over a 12 year period with Natural Area Consulting Management Services. Dave’s work at Practical Ecology now includes managing the day to day operations of our ecological restoration contracting team, managing client relationships and contract negotiations.


Noemie Seck
Consultant (Ecologist)


2017 – Double master’s degree, Institut Superieur d’Agriculture (Institute of Life Sciences), France (Master of Environmental Science and Engineering – Specialisation in Urban Ecology and Master of Agricultural Science and Engineering – Specialisation in Agroecology) 

Experience and skills

Noemie joined the team at Practical Ecology in 2019 and has a degree in both environmental/agricultural science and engineering. Fascinated by Australian biodiversity, Noemie has spent the last three years working on Victorian Conservation projects, both as paid and volunteer scientist.

Noemie started her career in 2017 at RMIT’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Research Group as a research officer and finally entered in the consulting industry in 2018. She has been involved in numerous biodiversity conservation projects and has developed extensive skills in project management, survey design, stakeholder engagement, report writing and data analysis.


Amy Tipton
Consultant (Ecologist)


2019 Bachelor of Environmental Science (Land and Conservation Specialisation)
2015 Diploma of Land and Conservation Management, RMIT 

Experience and skills

Amy joined the team at Practical Ecology in 2019 and has a degree in Environmental Science, specialising in Land and Conservation Management. Prior to this, Amy has spent the last two years in Quality Control and Environmental Management in the civil construction industry and has four years’ experience in Natural Resource Management. Since 2016, Amy has been involved in multiple Avian research projects overseas and in Australia, developing skills in; identification, monitoring, trapping, handling, behaviour, survey design, community/stakeholder engagement, report writing and data analysis.